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By Aishwarya Raviganesh

March 25th, 2021

At the start of the month, we announced the start of a new cycle. The same ideals and the same mission but a different approach. We didn’t want to confine ourselves to just blankets and so we made the decision to move towards making ponchos.

Despite being a much larger project, ponchos required a lesser number of squares than our classic blankets(a reason for our shift) and we planned to ship these patchwork ponchos all over India and take our mission as far and as wide as we could.

The continued effort from our contributors and their faith in us was the only way we were able to commit to a project of this size. For that, we are forever grateful!

At the same time, we announced ‘Glass Half Wool’ – a series of webinars where we taught participants how to make lovely crocheted coasters and delivered all the material they would need, straight to their doorstep!

We believed – “Life is as we perceive… But with crocheting everything seems glass half wool!”- and we delivered.

We also made fun additions to the Share A Square shop. After the success of the ‘Craftmas’ sale, we wanted to make sure that the retail leg of our project got the attention it deserved. We sold some adorable products, including the “Ombré Valentines Pouch.” here –

We started a collaboration with ‘Happy Hope Dolls’ for their Spring sale. For each doll sold, the proceeds reach us so we can continue to stitch our blankets and now, ponchos! So far, we have made 10,000 rupees in proceeds and we can’t be more thankful.

The ‘Saturday Knit Live’ saga continued – we had two fun live streams with Nirmala Isabel, from Isabel’s Craft Garden and Miraclyn Justin, from Miréya.

In case you missed them –

February brought with it, a fun addition to Share a Square’s social media presence – ‘Confessions Of A Crafter’. We released two hilarious episodes: Episode 1 featured Michelle and Gowri ‘fessing up to their resin crafting crimes while Episode 2 was a crochet tell-all featuring Neelmani and Sahana. If you haven’t caught up with COAC yet, make sure you do, they’ll make you realise that most of us get up to things we definitely shouldn’t. I mean, at least you know you’re not alone!

Share a Square was present at an open mic this month. You heard it! Who would’ve thought? Our Social Media Manager, Anagha Bharadwaj represented SAS at the Artkhoj Open Mic and brought our mission to a stage and gave it a microphone. She also dropped a killer one-liner at the start, check it out –

We even dropped some reels and plan to make even more in the coming months. Sometimes, we just can’t reel it in 😛

Which is why, this month has truly been a ride. We have accomplished so much and while we feel fulfilled, we promise to continue working our way through this journey. If you’d like to be along for the ride next month, join the community and

Share a Square.