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By Aishwarya Raviganesh

May 5th, 2021

We are excited to announce our partnership with Creatively Chic Crochet [@creativelychiccrochet on Instagram], a small business from the United States, Virgin Islands. They may be a small business, but their ideas are far from! They sell handmade crochet items, home decor, rugs, throws, winterwear and handbags – all displayed on their Instagram and Etsy profiles. What’s even better? They also take custom orders.

Creatively Chic Crochet’s owner spoke to us and told us the story of how her brand and business came to be – “I was born and raised on the island of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. My parents were both born and raised on the island of Trinidad. My ancestors (and most of those who live in Trinidad) came to the island during the time of indentured slavery, from India. Where they were promised work in Trinidad. After their work contract ended, they were promised that they would be carried back to India by boat, but those boats never came. So they made their new lives on the island and life went on. Generations later, my parents had me and decided to leave the island for the USVI.

If it wasn’t for my ancestors, I would have been born in India. Maybe even in Bangalore if my ancestors left for work. Your organization hits home to me because that could have been me – and I would do anything in the world, even if it’s just making squares, to help.

I started Creatively Chic Crochet in February 2021, but I was dreaming about opening it (even had the name picked out) since 2016. I was not confident in myself and thought that my brand would fail so I kept pushing it off until one day I just made my first post and didn’t give it a second thought before pressing “Publish”.

Right now, I’m focusing on making home decor and handbags but I have plans on venturing into clothing as well. I’ve also made a lot of sales doing custom projects for customers.”

This story is a testament to the power of community and the importance of giving. Our community of crafters is one that keeps growing, and this partnership is proof. For every item Creatively Chic Crochet sells, one square is donated to us.

Now, more than ever – it is imperative that we support each other, as artists. Build your fellow artists up, share their work, uplift and amplify.

Support Creatively Chic Crochet. Support small businesses and as always,

Share A Square.