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By Aishwarya Raviganesh

August 20th, 2020

Is it really always necessary to use fresh yarn, proper knitting/crocheting tools or new fabric to make blankets? Absolutely not. We’re just looking to provide warm and comfortable blankets – while we’re at it, we want to make sure we’re making the best use of our existing resources and looking at easy to access alternatives. It’s time to go beyond traditional supplies.

We compiled a list of substitutes to give our readers an idea of how they can make the absolute most of their square donations –


T-shirts and other old clothes can be cut into strips, tied together and made into t-shirt yarn, which can be knit or crocheted like normal yarn.

How To Make T-Shirt Yarn :

How To Knit a Potholder with DIY T-Shirt Yarn: (this video details a simple idea of what patterns you could use to knit a square)

The result might be a rather chunky square and perhaps not as dainty as you’d like but we’re not asking for a certain grade of yarn to be used or for the squares to look nice (just that they’re usable 6×6 squares) – this is your opportunity to use your miscellaneous yardages of yarn which you wouldn’t want to use for other traditional projects.

If you have old ill-fitting woollens, they can be unraveled and be used to make squares. The yarn will get a second life and instead of lying in the shady, dusty corners of your storage units – they’ll be put to good use.

You can also buy old clothes from scrap dealers or thrift shops and work with that to create t-shirt yarn.


The t-shirt yarn we discussed about earlier can be knit with chopsticks or pencils since the stitches and knots are far easier to see.

Knitting With Pencils :

Loom band hooks (if you happen to have a few lying around – we won’t judge, the early 2010s were quite a phase) are good substitutes for crochet hooks


Finger/fork knitting and crocheting is pretty popular, there are several great tutorials up on YouTube that take you from learning the basics to completing full fledged projects, a square is no problem.

How To Finger Knit for Beginners :

– Knitting With a Fork :

You can even weave the squares with a cardboard loom or any loom. Circular knitting looms can be made at home using bobby pins and a cardboard sheet.

How To Make A Handmade Cardboard Knitting Loom :

We partnered with Madhu, Founder of Sustainabilitea India ( for this article to make sure that these tips came to you directly from someone that has a passion for sustainability and creativity.

We hope we managed to give you a little insight and inspiration. Sustainability is an important part of our mission and we’d like to see all our contributors work with us towards it. Stay safe, stay sustainable and

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