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By Aishwarya Raviganesh

February 1st, 2021

The most fulfilling aspect of a project like ours, is being able to witness, firsthand, the impact that a simple, homegrown idea can have.

A simple blanket.

A blanket, with it’s warmth and loving embrace, wrapped around somebody that really needs it. The immense gratitude expressed at such a simple act of kindness.

The simplicity in the act of giving,

and yet, the impact that it has.

It all ties into why we we do what we do – to make people happy.

To make people feel the way we do. To help them help us provide the way that we’d like to – making sure that our blankets are put to good use.

So we set out to do just that. Once the squares are combined to make lovely, warm baby blankets, we then scout their new homes.

We want to make sure that the blankets reach the people that truly need them, especially in trying times like this. So we primarily focused on getting the blankets to orphanages and the like.

We reached out to these institutions and homes, who were more than happy to help us get these blankets to their residents.

Our volunteers then collected these blankets and took them to their assigned locations. We donated to

– The Gerizim Special Home for Girls, Bangalore.

– Sishu Mandir, Bangalore and

– The Pragathi Charitable Trust, Bangalore.

Our first round of donations was made during the weeks preceding Christmas and the stories our volunteers had of their experience at these homes, truly touched each of us.

The children were described as grateful, expressive and fun to be around. Our volunteers each had an incredibly fulfilling experience interacting with these children.

Some of them even put on a show for our volunteers – singing them Christmas carols and Kannada folk songs. (Videos are up on @share.a.square’s Instagram page – your heart will melt, we promise!)

Our first round of donations was successful, fulfilling and in so many ways set a foundation for us to keep building on. We donated around fifteen blankets to each of these institutions and while that is a substantial beginning – we would like to see that number increase. Every single donation makes a difference. We saw that firsthand. A simple blanket brought a smile to so many young faces. A blanket is in so many ways, a necessity and yet, in India, alone, millions spend their nights without a blanket. From young children in underfunded orphanages to the homeless youth and elderly, on the streets.

We would like to change that. We have had a humble beginning but we believe in the power of community and charity. We started at fifteen blankets per institution, but we’re ready to see how much further we can go.

If you’d like to help us grow and reach more people in need,

please lend us a hand and

Share A Square.