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By Aishwarya Raviganesh

December 12th, 2020

A patchwork of stories.

Different origins, different paths and yet, somehow, the same destination. If the pants fit, the pants fit, right?

The squares that you send in have a similar trajectory. They’re all different. Unique, down to the very texture of the yarn that builds them; right from different colors and different patterns to different makers. I sincerely apologize for my incessant use of repetition, but the threshold must be met. Let me emphasize –

Every square is truly you and not just in the physical sense of who the square was made by. It carries your sentiment. It is after all, your gift of warmth to someone who genuinely needs it and according to us, it doesn’t really get more personal than that. Think of the squares you send in, as vessels that carry your stories and sentiment – your generosity and love.

After they make their way to us at Share A Square, they meet all the other stories and sentiments. And in spite of the disparity in their colours, patterns and origin – they make one hell of a team.

The blankets we combine are just as unique as the squares that make them. They’re a symbol of unity and harmony in the face of contrast. They contain squares from a variety of colour groups – even ones you wouldn’t traditionally expect to work together – and yet, somehow, they just do.

We can’t help but notice the glaring metaphor in there. At the end of the day, the squares are just as unique as their makers. They might seem like a fun, little craft project to work on for a good cause – but they truly are SO much more.

Different origins, different paths and yet, somehow, the same destination.

We bring your varied stories together so that they can change the stories of those in need. Craft doesn’t discriminate and neither does charity. To everyone that’s contributed to our mission – no matter how little that contribution may be,

Thank you for sharing your gift of warmth. Thank you for sharing your stories and

thank you for sharing a square.

With love,